What colors match with green? It has always been said that green is for the daring, but you just need to know what to combine the color with to make the perfect setting in your home.  If you are remodeling your home, these are important things to think about.

In addition, there are many shades of green that exist to decorate your walls, furniture or fabrics, from light greens to darker olive greens or more striking green apple. Therefore, we will see great ideas to discover the paint colors that combine well with green.

Ideas to integrate green in each room

After seeing how green can combine with numerous colors, what better than to see how we can integrate it into each environment? For many, the basic idea of ​​being able to combine color in a room is by applying it to the wall. But depending on the tonality that we choose, also combining green is something simple if you use the correct furniture or basic details.

Living rooms in green

If you have a small living room, you can paint some wall in light green tones. More than anything because it will give more light to the room. It is best to choose the main wall and let the others stay in a basic or neutral color.

To add some contrast, opt for the furniture in light finishes. The details are also important to integrate green color. You can leave the walls aside and add both rugs and cushions or even a sofa in your main tone.

Bedrooms with brushstrokes of green

In bedrooms, it is more common to see curtains or decorative details in green. Opt for neutral tones for the walls to help with relaxation.

Of course, for the youth rooms, it is not too much to integrate a very striking green color, because it also gives light to a lot of fun.

Kitchens and the color green

Again, this combination is more than perfect if we have a very vibrant tone. In this case, both cupboards and countertops may have a similar green hue such as pistachio.

Opt for details in softer shades or in simple prints, without very vibrant colors.

Green dining room?

It is recommended to purchase furniture in all colors except green. In the dining room, leave the green again for the details. The upholstery of the chairs or cushions of the same, some lamp or, paintings and even mirrors. It is best to avoid it on the walls, although if it is your taste, then choose a soft tone, which brings freshness along with softness.

Colors that combine with aquamarine

Aquamarine or a light sea green, has a double blend. It can be said that it has brushstrokes of green but also of blue. Undoubtedly, whatever it is, the result is special and very intense.

To create an elegant ambiance along with romantic airs, this color can be combined with very soft shades of brown. Beige or cream will be perfect for aquamarine. Also, pastel pink can be added to complete a very chic style.

Of course, we cannot forget the basic white color and the pearl gray, which as neutral tone and will also be perfect to complete a magical decoration.

Colors that combine with green on walls

If you have decided to paint the walls in green, you must make decorations that g with the chosen tone. If the color is very vibrant, then it is best that the furniture and other details are basic or neutral tones. That is, white or cream color would be great ideas. This way, you will have a balance in your decoration.

Although, as we know there are tastes for everything, there is also the opposite option. Walls in vibrant green with furniture of the same style. Orange or acidic tones, like fuchsia, will bring us an extra shine to that originality. But always in small doses because we can end up saturated with too much color. If the tone of the wall is clear, you can bet on wooden furniture in dark color to create a great contrast.

Of course, if the room is small, use white to give more depth and luminosity to the room. So, when in doubt, the best is white and beige. To create a unique and innovative style, you can use the most colorful colors.

Different ways to combine green with other colors:

Green and blue

Blue is another of the colors that combines well with green. For this combination it’s advised to use bluish greens reminiscent of the sea such as turquoise. They blend very well with light blue and green and even dark navy blue.

This combination creates cool environments and is perfect for homes on the beach, living rooms and bedrooms.

Green and brown

It is a perfect combination because it alludes to nature, trees, grasslands and forests. In this combination you can use the most striking greens to the darkest.

Green and pink

In their lighter shades this combination is perfect for girls’ bedrooms, but in their more saturated version they can create a very funny and eye-catching decoration.

Green and white

As with any color that is combined with white, a serene environment with a touch of color is achieved. This combination is suitable for any part of the house, whatever its function. In terraces and gardens green and white are perfect for their allusion to nature, but can also be used in bedrooms or living rooms.

Green and yellow

Being two very similar colors, this combination is perfect in its more acidic versions, but it is not advisable with dark greens.