6 Ideas to improve the entry of your house!

We know that the entrance of your house is the visible face, therefore it cannot be neglected and even less fond of affection. You must put in this sector as much love as you did with the interior of your home. Choosing quality materials, which relate to the style of your home and provide warmth and modernity, are keys to enjoy a beautiful entrance. You can also play by designing an ante chard that fits the fa├žade, with lots of vegetation.

You will gladly enter your house every day with tickets like the following!

You do not need to make so many changes to achieve the ideal entry. You can leave it free of objects, but you also have to know that the details are very important and some can make the difference. A clear example is the installation of plants, benches and pots, which can be ceramic, stone, wood or metal.

You can also design a garden that does not need a lot of maintenance, with plants that grow naturally in the area where you live.

If it is a small ante chard, you can play with plants of different sizes, so that this space is visually enlarged.

Gil Filo Landscaping

When choosing different access, you can opt for an external terrace, stairs or a path, which can be gravel or the various types of natural stone, leading to the entrance door. These work perfectly to complement if you also decided to include vegetation.

In this project you can see the mix of different elements as well as a ladder idea for the entrance. This combination will make your home look much more interesting.

Glass and concrete look good together and can be great alternatives to welcome your guests. They give that modern and elegant touch that everyone wants for their home.

Do not forget the doors

If tickets are involved, how can we forget that doors have great relevance in this quest for differentiation? We know you want them to be functional, allowing security and isolation, but do not forget your design. There are wood, steel and fiberglass, among others.

We cannot leave aside the floor of the entrance, which will give style and spaciousness to the space. We mention the stairways, paths and terraces as an option, which can be complemented by beautiful and resistant floors.

Natural stone, pastel on and cobblestones are some of the most used for their resistance, easy to clean and because they combine with everything. The ceramic in its various versions and the porcelanato are also very required.

In this entrance, the new incorporation of rocks gives a whole rustic style that you can adapt for your house.

Now that you will look at the entrances of the houses in another way tell us what you thought!