6 ideas to improve your home

You can put into practice a set of ideas that will help improve your home. These are simple ideas to put into practice and, in addition, fully succeed. You just have to carry them out and you will notice how your house will improve greatly.

Everything on your site:

A correct organization in the living area will show the living room of the house much more clear and harmonious. For all this, the choice of furniture with great storage capacity always gives good results in any home.

The Windows:

The interior carpentry of the house reinforces the design of the project with models according to the environment. Thus, for example, you can choose to recover the charm of the old wooden windows with new ones of identical finish. It always stays very well.

Seasonal ideas:

It is possible to bet on timeless basic pieces and neutral tapestries; in this case, it will be complements that define each season of the year. In the face of winter, the very soft blankets and the soft cushions will be responsible for heating the living environment.

The complements:

The complements are more important than it seems when decorating. As if I wanted to tell a story, the decoration of a space or a room needs points in common to connect the environments. This can be achieved through the add-ons.

A kitchen with views:

Natural light is vital in a kitchen. Thus, from the morning receiving clarity as you eat breakfast will help lift the mood. If you can, you should locate the office near the window and do away with the curtains.

Details with own stamp:

Something as simple as our necklaces in the bathroom or else the most beautiful handbags displayed in the hall give a seal to the home. With this, our subtle decorative imprint is noticeable.

6 Ideas to improve the entry of your house!

We know that the entrance of your house is the visible face, therefore it cannot be neglected and even less fond of affection. You must put in this sector as much love as you did with the interior of your home. Choosing quality materials, which relate to the style of your home and provide warmth and modernity, are keys to enjoy a beautiful entrance. You can also play by designing an ante chard that fits the façade, with lots of vegetation.

You will gladly enter your house every day with tickets like the following!

You do not need to make so many changes to achieve the ideal entry. You can leave it free of objects, but you also have to know that the details are very important and some can make the difference. A clear example is the installation of plants, benches and pots, which can be ceramic, stone, wood or metal.

You can also design a garden that does not need a lot of maintenance, with plants that grow naturally in the area where you live.

If it is a small ante chard, you can play with plants of different sizes, so that this space is visually enlarged.

Gil Filo Landscaping

When choosing different access, you can opt for an external terrace, stairs or a path, which can be gravel or the various types of natural stone, leading to the entrance door. These work perfectly to complement if you also decided to include vegetation.

In this project you can see the mix of different elements as well as a ladder idea for the entrance. This combination will make your home look much more interesting.

Glass and concrete look good together and can be great alternatives to welcome your guests. They give that modern and elegant touch that everyone wants for their home.

Do not forget the doors

If tickets are involved, how can we forget that doors have great relevance in this quest for differentiation? We know you want them to be functional, allowing security and isolation, but do not forget your design. There are wood, steel and fiberglass, among others.

We cannot leave aside the floor of the entrance, which will give style and spaciousness to the space. We mention the stairways, paths and terraces as an option, which can be complemented by beautiful and resistant floors.

Natural stone, pastel on and cobblestones are some of the most used for their resistance, easy to clean and because they combine with everything. The ceramic in its various versions and the porcelanato are also very required.

In this entrance, the new incorporation of rocks gives a whole rustic style that you can adapt for your house.

Now that you will look at the entrances of the houses in another way tell us what you thought!

5 Tips to Improve Your Home

With the passage of the years there are many possibilities that new trends in decoration offer us to improve our home. Today we will talk about 5 tips that will help you have a more comfortable and comfortable home.

Improvements for your home

  1. Changing bathtub by shower: more and more people are getting into the car of this change. It is about changing the old bathtub of a lifetime by a shower. The showers are much more comfortable for all the members of the house, in addition, this change of bath by shower can be even more effective if we place a transparent glass partition without profiles that will give the finish a much more elegant touch.
  2. Opt for diaphanous spaces: the open concept is fashionable, something that we can see in the decoration programs that have become popular in several television channels. It is about expanding spaces, bringing together environments, such as the kitchen and the living room are linked. This type of spaces are more comfortable to be more spacious and to be able to interact with all the members of the house wherever you are.
  3. Close the terrace or the porch: the enclosures of terrace or porch are the most common nowadays, it is a question of closing with a glass the spaces, allowing its use irrespective of the time that does. Rain or snow, we can use the terrace or the porch without any problem.
  4. Low-consumption bulbs: you can also opt for LED lights, which are low-consumption, this will benefit the environment and will benefit you, seeing as the bills of light are lower. If you also opt for appliances that spend little, you will see a really important reduction.
  5. Optimize space: one of the most common problems in all households is the lack of space, if this is your case, you have to improve storage spaces. You can include more cabinets for this purpose or opt for boxes or other equally valid systems.

With these 5 tips you will be able to improve your home considerably, try it!

5 tips to improve your home

The limping table, a crumbling floor, the door smashing the floor … are just a few of the little flaws you can fix yourself at home with a little time and some tools.

 Scratches on wooden floor

Wooden bar wax is a perfect ally for repairing scratches on a floor of this type. The choice of wax depends on the color of the floor, as there are several intensities and you can even mix them to give the tone more suitable for your floor.

It is best to test in an area that is out of sight to see if the color is suitable and then extend it in circular movements with a gauze cloth. If the slit is deep it will have to be filled with wax, which can be heated with a lighter to facilitate the work, and level using a spatula.

How to prevent the parquet creaks

The most common thing is that, over time, the wood has become too dry and when the boards that make up the floor sound when they step on. If so, the solution is simple: just pass a wet mop that will give you the moisture you need, then removing excess water so it does not deteriorate.

If the problem does not improve, it may be because the thick wooden rails or slats are misplaced. In this case you should carefully look at the tables, analyzing them one by one, to fill the slits with a little pre-heated paraffin to the water bath. You can inject it with the aid of a pistol if you have one, or with a syringe.

A more uniform platform

On pallets and older floors, due to the temperature changes that contract and dilate the wood, there may be spaces between the slats that make cleaning difficult. The problem is solved by making a paste with sawdust and glue, and filling all the grooves well with a spatula. Once dry only the leftover must be removed.

 Change tile joints

Repairing and whitening the joints of a ceramic floor is nothing complicated. To make it perfect the first thing to do is to completely remove the old grout with a hard brush. Then make a new one by mixing white cement and water until a homogeneous paste is obtained, but not very thick.

Before applying it, it is important that you thoroughly moisten the entire surface and then spread it with a spatula. After 20 minutes you can remove the surplus cleaning the tiles with a damp sponge.

A door that hits the floor

The problem when a door brushes against the floor is usually on the hinges, and is corrected by tightening or replacing the screws for longer ones. It may also be due to swelling due to moisture, or accumulation of dirt on the base. In these cases the most useful thing is to pass a sheet of sandpaper under the door and sand it a little.

Four Ideas to Improve Your Exterior Lighting

If you do not want your garden to disappear at night, install good outdoor lighting. In many occasions the decoration and protection of the home, is focused on the interior. But what about the exterior?

Your garden should reflect your personality, decorate it to your liking and improve the security of your home.

A simple way for your gardens to become a cozy and safer place is to install outdoor lighting.  It is not only necessary to have good lighting in summer; in winter, when the nights are longer, and we find fog and bad weather, good lighting is more important than ever.

If you do not know how to go about picking out the right lighting, here are some ideas to improve the lighting of your garden:

  1. Place lights along areas where there is traffic such as the road, main entrance and garage. In this way, you improve the security of your home by increasing the visibility of the entrances and exits. Besides illuminating these areas well, accidents can be avoided because there will not be a lack of light. For this you can use high power spotlights, such floor lights which can be purchased at any home improvement store.
  2. Light up the elements of your garden: highlight those elements of your garden that you like. You can light up tall trees, like small shrubs, flowers, a small pond or fountain. Anything. The trick is to hide the light well and focus the elements correctly so that they truly illuminate what you want them to see, and do not create shadows that instead of illuminating, hide what you want to display. Play with the colors and spotlight combinations, make your garden be eye-catching at night.
  3. Place lights in such a way to create a path: create a path of lights towards the entrance. This in addition to improving visibility at night, makes your garden look much more modern and cozy. For this you can opt for two options: recessed lights in the ground or pathway lights. We recommend this last type of lighting: it does not waste electricity, as most now come as solar powered, and although they do not give much light, it is enough to light the way.
  4. Place torches or candle holders: this type of lighting is purely decorative. It is obviously for the good weather, and will give a very warm look to your garden. These can be placed within the garden if you’re hosting a party or as holiday decorations.