Four Ideas to Improve Your Exterior Lighting

If you do not want your garden to disappear at night, install good outdoor lighting. In many occasions the decoration and protection of the home, is focused on the interior. But what about the exterior?

Your garden should reflect your personality, decorate it to your liking and improve the security of your home.

A simple way for your gardens to become a cozy and safer place is to install outdoor lighting.  It is not only necessary to have good lighting in summer; in winter, when the nights are longer, and we find fog and bad weather, good lighting is more important than ever.

If you do not know how to go about picking out the right lighting, here are some ideas to improve the lighting of your garden:

  1. Place lights along areas where there is traffic such as the road, main entrance and garage. In this way, you improve the security of your home by increasing the visibility of the entrances and exits. Besides illuminating these areas well, accidents can be avoided because there will not be a lack of light. For this you can use high power spotlights, such floor lights which can be purchased at any home improvement store.
  2. Light up the elements of your garden: highlight those elements of your garden that you like. You can light up tall trees, like small shrubs, flowers, a small pond or fountain. Anything. The trick is to hide the light well and focus the elements correctly so that they truly illuminate what you want them to see, and do not create shadows that instead of illuminating, hide what you want to display. Play with the colors and spotlight combinations, make your garden be eye-catching at night.
  3. Place lights in such a way to create a path: create a path of lights towards the entrance. This in addition to improving visibility at night, makes your garden look much more modern and cozy. For this you can opt for two options: recessed lights in the ground or pathway lights. We recommend this last type of lighting: it does not waste electricity, as most now come as solar powered, and although they do not give much light, it is enough to light the way.
  4. Place torches or candle holders: this type of lighting is purely decorative. It is obviously for the good weather, and will give a very warm look to your garden. These can be placed within the garden if you’re hosting a party or as holiday decorations.